The FJH Music Company in the USA  have published 11 of Keith's pieces as part of the FJH Developing Strings and FJH Beginning Strings series. Titles available now in the USA and Canada from FJH are:

  • A Salty Sailor’s Song
  • Chicken in the Kitchen
  • Goblin Feast
  • Kings of Stone
  • Fiddle Fever
  • River Song
  • Boots and Saddle
  • Fiddle O’Finnigan
  • The King’s Fiddllers
  • Bushwhacker Stomp
  • Dancing Peppers

La Llorona, Grade 4-5. This piece for high school string orchestra and optional percussion is available now. Originally commissioned by Moreton Bay College, La Llorona is dynamic and thoroughly Spanish in style. Includes Entrada, Tango, Serenata, Fandango, Bolero and a stirring coda.

Music Maestros has been incredibly well received since its first print run in 2004. Several Brisbane retailers rate this series as the best selling beginners’ strings books available! Keith and Natalie have enjoyed the opportunity to workshop the books with teachers and students in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia during the past few years. The books are well paced and sequenced, the colour pictures very popular with the kids and the CDs an outstanding resource.

  • Music Maestros – Encore on Strings Level 1 Book/CD sets are available for VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO and BASS.
  • Music Maestros – Encore on Strings Level 2 Book/CD sets fare available for VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO and now also for BASS.

Accompaniment books are available for each level. These include piano and string accompaniments for the repertoire selections in the books. They provide a variety of acoustic performance possibilities.

To order Encore on Strings Music Maestros books and CDs, please contact Mark at Accent Publishing. Email or check the Accent Publishing Website.


Music House String Publications is proud to announce the recent revamp of our website. The catalogue is now up-to-date and new recordings have been added. The scorch files have been reinstated so that scores can be viewed while listening to the MP3 files. Website customers will find the new catalogue and ordering system clear and easy to use. Paypal has been introduced as an option for quick payment. Alternatively, check the Music House Stockists page for details of your nearest retailer. We thank Sarah and the technicians at OE Designs for their input into this project.

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2009 - 5 New Pieces Available:

  • Two Courtly dances (Grade 1.5)
  • Arabesque (Grade 2)
  • Haydn's Lost Chorale - The Abbey (Grade 2.5 - 3)
  • Caulderon (Grade 3)
  • La Llorona (Grade 4)

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