Major events and occasions, celebrations, festivals and anniversaries often call for the provision of a specialised composition. Keith has enjoyed composing several commissioned works over the past few years. La Llorona and Collage Romantique are two such pieces. Music House has retained the rights to these works and after an agreed period, revisions have been made and the piece published. In such cases, the dedication and commission details remain on the published work for posterity. This is a dignified and impressive way of heralding a school’s music programme.

Instrumentation: Commissioned works may be composed for string orchestra, orchestra, choir and strings or choir and orchestra. Choose to feature a soloist or group of instrumentalists. Percussion can be included with strings. Rehearsal/optional piano may be requested and a CD/ midi-file supplied to assist with learning the work.

Flexibility of standard: Grade level may be uniform or layered, and tailored for a specific group of students. Directors indicate approximate standard/s and ages of the players in the ensemble, which may range from elementary primary to advanced high school.

Time Frame: Allow 3 - 6 months for finalization of a work.

Fee Structure:
All fees are confirmed in writing with the composer prior to commencement of the project. The following provides a guide to approximate fees. Most commissioned pieces would range between 3 and 8 minutes duration.

  • Smaller groups including string ensemble (up to 5 parts): $400 - $600 per minute
  • Larger orchestras: $800 per minute

Contact: Keith Sharp directly via email –

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