Title Prelude & Fantasia on County Down
Series Celtic Sounds
Standard Advanced
Grade Grade 5
Key G major
Duration 8:20

Prelude & Fantasia on County Down


A dynamic eight and a half minute playing experience, written especially for advanced high school string ensemble. Various tempi, textures and styles explore
the artistic possibilities of the celtic theme of 'Flower of County Down'. Piano and  percussion play significant roles, enhancing many of the lyrical lines and energizing the dance sections. This musical tapestry includes a fugato, river dance, sentimental
waltz and grand finale.

"This composition was written for a group of talented teenagers from the region in which I live. The percussion parts were originally quite humble, with many bars rest. Each week at rehearsal the ever-patient percussionists were given revised parts. As the percussion and piano parts grew in stature, so too did the string players' enjoyment. We spent several weeks preparing the work, sorting out the numerous ensemble challenges, and thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of performing to a large audience. The performance was well received and the experience valuable for all. - Keith Sharp

The folio contains:
Parts for string orchestra, percussion and piano.
Conductor's score

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