Title La Llorona
Standard High School
Grade Grade 4
Duration 6:10

La Llorona


La Llorona is scored for high school string orchestra with optional percussion. It is a programmatic work of approximately 6 minutes duration and is based on a Spanish/Mexican legend. The following text outlines the story and its connection with the sections of the piece:
A girl child named La Malinche is born of a noble Aztec family. La Malinche is sold to Mayan merchants for slavery. The music opens with an Entrada which signals the grand arrival of the Spanish fleet. The Spaniards, led by Cortés, begin to colonize Mexico.

Tango - La Malinche works as translator for the conqueror and soon becomes his mistress.
Serenata - La Malinche is happy and in love with Cortés. She gives birth to his twin boys.
Fandango - Cortés continues his conquests. The King and Queen of Spain, fearing that Cortés has betrayed them and is building his own empire, repeatedly request his return to Spain. He refuses, arguing that if he leaves Mexico they will lose their new territories. The King and Queen send a beautiful, Spanish lady of noble birth, to help change his mind.
Bolero - The Spanish aristocrat seduces Cortés and convinces him to return to Spain with his two sons. Cortés tells La Malinche of his decision to depart for Spain with his children and new love. Emotion runs high and a sense of impending doom prevails.
Vivo Accelerando - La Malinche, now realizing the role she has played in helping Cortés massacre her people and the hopelessness of her plight, prays to her gods for help. One of the gods appears to her, sternly advising: “Do not let him take your children, for one of them will return to destroy your people.” The night before Cortés' departure, La Malinche escapes with the babies and tragically drowns herself and the children in a nearby river.

The folio contains:
Parts for String Orchestra (8-8-4-4-6-2)
Percussion parts (Castanets, Tambourine, Snare)
Conductor's score

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