Title Haydn's Lost Chorale
Standard Primary to Middle School
Grade Grade 2.5-3
Key G major
Duration 2:50

Haydn's Lost Chorale


Haydn's Lost Chorale is scored for string orchestra with Violin 3 (treble Viola), Viola and optional piano accompaniment parts included. Inspired by Haydn's St. Anthony's Chorale, this revised version of The Abbey features the dotted rhythm, quasi-classical textures and singing themes. Here is the composer's introduction to the title:

"At last the end of my quest was near! Surely the hidden crypt was within metres? Crawling through a slimy, cobwebbed, rat-infested tunnel, the growing sense of anticipation was overwhelming. An intriguing mystery was about to be solved. Would the infamous parchment still remain within the monk's, by now skeletal, grasp? Its discovery would confirm my suspicion - Brother Festus was guilty of stealing the coveted choral extract from the great master Haydn, nearly 200 years ago! There was a chance that Haydn's "lost chorale” may finally be heard….." (Diary extract - Summer holiday adventures, 1994).

The folio contains:
Parts for String Orchestra (8-8-4-4-6-2)
Conductor's score
Piano accompaniment (Optional)

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