Title Fernando's Tango
Standard Primary to Middle School
Grade Grade 2 (- 2.5 if using extension parts)
Key G Major
Duration 1:10

Fernando's Tango


Fernando’s Tango presents a useful study in the dotted rhythm which features throughout the score. The ‘Cello, Double bass and Violin 3/Viola treble parts are fundamentally rhythmic and encourage strong beat stability within the ensemble. The 1st Violins enjoy an attractive tango descant which sits comfortably under the fingers. The Violin 1 Alternative Extension is included for use with the 1st Violin section of greater technical prowess.

This ensemble pack also includes Unison Melody parts for Violin, Viola and ‘Cello. These parts offer a unison performance option for younger players. Harmonic and rhythmic support is provided by the piano in this instance.

A highly flexible, yet simple arrangement which may be tailored to suit various playing standards within the primary string ensemble. 

The folio contains:
Parts for String Orchestra (Violin 1 Alternative Extension parts + 8-8-4-4-6-2; Also Unison Melody Violin, Viola and ‘Cello parts)
Conductor's score
Piano accompaniment (Optional)

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