Title Eureka!
Standard Middle to High School
Grade Grade 3
Key D major
Duration 4:10



Eureka! is a top piece for middle to high school string ensemble, loaded with joyful and optimistic character. Within its ternary structure, two contrasting themes are presented. The initial section (in D major) is rhythmic and somewhat fiddling in style. Featured syncopation, some third position for the 1st violins, and rapid string crossing figures provide just the right level of challenge to captivate developing musicians. The middle theme is in G major and triple meter. Warm lyricism reflects upon the nostalgia of old Celtic airs. All parts are musically engaging and encourage cohesive energy in ensemble performance. Eureka! is without doubt, a huge hit all around.

Clever bow technique and fun rolled into one! - K.S.

The folio contains:
Parts for string orchestra (8-8-4-4-6-2)
Conductor's score
Piano accompaniment (Optional/ rehearsal)

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