Title Crocodile Hornpipe
Series Concert Novelties
Standard Elementary - Intermediate
Grade Grade 2.5
Key D major
Duration 2:20

Crocodile Hornpipe


Caters for a broad range of student standards and sits well in first position for all of the violins and violas. The cello and bass pass briefly into second position. The simple, snappy theme is reminiscent of another well-known crocodile song. Other features include repeated spiccato textures in the upper violins, a cello pizzicato walking bass and a first violin fiddle-style break. The bass line anchors the arrangement and piano provides optional texture and support. An effective piece and fun for all! “Cleverly written for all parts.” - AUSTA Q Review, Feb 1998.

The folio contains:
Parts for string orchestra (8-8-4-4-5-2)
Conductor's score
Optional piano accompaniment

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