Title Collage Romantique
Standard High School
Grade Grade 3-4
Key G Minor
Duration 4:00

Collage Romantique


Collage Romantique is a commanding work written for the high school string orchestra. Its fabric features driving rhythms, sweeping themes, dramatic runs and the emotive tug of broad-intervalled melodies within the minor tonality of G and its related keys. Each part takes a turn at presenting either accompanying textures or soaring leading lines, often teaming with another section for one or other of these roles. Students are motivated to achieve continuous vibrato and full use of the whole bow in order to sustain and project a rich, romantic tone. The themes from Collage Romantique will stay with your audience long after the sounding of its final chord. 

The folio contains:
Parts for String Orchestra (8-8-4-4-6-2)
Conductor's score

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