Title Click Go the Shears
Series Pioneer
Standard Elementary
Grade Grade 2
Key D major
Duration 1:10

Click Go the Shears


Click Go The Shears, one of Australia’s most famous folk songs, is charmingly arranged for younger players. This setting is in the key of D major and features a sparkling piano accompaniment. The simple melody is shared between the parts and accompanying textures include first partial harmonics on varied strings. The first violins realize interesting harmony and descant lines, whilst inner players enjoy large swathes of the tune. Violas have a choice between an easy melody part or a transposition of the cello harmony. Performance flexibility exists – try unison melody with piano before adding parts, or just play the piece in standard string orchestra format. Treat your audience to this timeless Australian classic.

The folio contains:
Parts for string ensemble
Conductor's score
Piano accompaniment

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